Orion StarShoot™ All-In-One Astrophotography Camera

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  • An all-in-one imaging solution for multiple types of astrophotography built around a 1/3" Color CMOS sensor with sensitive 3.75 micron by 3.75 micron pixels
  • Super-fast frame rate of up to 200 frames per second captures amazing shots of planets and the Moon
  • Vast exposure range of 0.00002 seconds to 10 minutes is ideal for taking pictures of anything in the sky - planets, the Moon, galaxies, nebulas, star clusters and more!
  • A complete all-in-one imaging and image capture software solution for multiple types of astrophotography. Requires PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • Includes Orion-exclusive image capture software, finder bracket and 8mm lens for use as a wide-field digital finder and can also be used as a stand-alone autoguider with built-in ST-4 port

With this single astrophotography camera, you can perform any type of astronomy imaging you wish! An elegant solution for all types of celestial imaging, the Orion StarShoot All-In-One (SSAIO) Astrophotography Camera is a high-speed CMOS camera cleverly designed to excel in all types of astrophotography.

The camera's ultra-fast frame rate of up to 200 frames per second (FPS) at the lowest resolution setting, and up to 30 FPS at the highest resolution setting really sets it apart from other astrophotography cameras. The Orion SSAIO is ideal for imaging objects in our Solar System like the Moon, planets, and Sun (with a solar-filter equipped telescope). Its fast frame rate ensures you'll catch even the most fleeting moments of planetary and lunar action such as occultations, conjunctions, eclipses, transits and more.

With the StarShoot All-In-One Astrophotography Camera, the fun doesn't stop at the end of our solar system. The Orion SSAIO camera's vast exposure range and ability to take very long exposures up to 10 minutes makes it a great entry-level deep space camera for capturing images of distant celestial targets such as galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters. With its exposure range of 0.00002 seconds to 10 minutes, virtually any object in the night sky is within reach of the Orion SSAIO Astrophotography Camera.

Believe it or not, there's even more the Orion SSAIO can do for your astrophotography hobby. Whenever you're using a different imaging camera to capture astrophotos, the StarShoot All-In-One Camera's light weight of 1.58 ounces, slim form factor, and built-in ST-4 port make it an excellent option for use as a high-performance autoguider. What's more, with the included bracket and 8mm lens, you can use the versatile Orion SSAIO Camera as an advanced wide-field digital finder for your telescope. You can also use the Orion StarShoot All-In-One Camera to broadcast live video over the internet using services such as SKYPE.

The Orion All-In-One Astrophotography camera is built around the 1/3" Aptina Color CMOS MT9M034 sensor with high-resolution 3.75 micron x 3.75 micron pixels arranged in a 1280 x 960 array. It's packed with great features like Auto Dark Removal, built-in infrared cutoff (IR Cut) filter, five different frame rate/resolution settings and high quantum efficiency with low noise. This versatile all-in-one solution for all types of astrophotography includes Orion-exclusive imaging and image capture software loaded with useful tools and features so you can get the most out of your starry snapshots. This unique, multi-purpose astrophotography camera solution requires a PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.

With its myriad of different application options including planetary and deep space imaging, autoguiding, digital finder use, and live video broadcasting, the Orion SSAIO is your one-stop solution for any and all types of astrophotography. Get yours today and take your own shot!

  • Best for imaging Solar, lunar, planetary & Messier objects
  • Imaging sensor Aptina Color CMOS MT9M034
  • Imaging sensor size 1/3"
  • Pixel array 1280 x 960 (1,228,800 total)
  • Pixel size 3.75 x 3.75
  • Imaging chip  Single Shot Color
  • Video frame rate Up to 200 fps
  • Autoguider capability Yes
  • Exposure range 0.00002s to 600s
  • A/D conversion  8 bit
  • Thermoelectric cooling  No
  • IR filter  Yes
  • Mounting 1.25" nozzle
  • USB connection High-speed 2.0
  • Software compatibility Windows 7/8/10
  • Binning  1x1, 2x2
  • Weight (oz.) 2
  • Warranty  One year
SKU: ORN-52098