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Paramount ME/ME II/MX Permanent Pier


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The Software Bisque Paramount ME/MX Permanent Pier is available in heights ranging from 30.5 cm to 122 cm (12" to 48". Standard heights are 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", and 48"). A custom height pier can be made for you if you need a height other than those just listed. Custom heights can be manufactured as short as 10" to as high as 60".

The Paramount ME/MX Permanent Pier is constructed of two steel plates welded to a 25.4 cm (10-in.) diameter steel tube. Piers are powder coated on both the outside and inside to protect the steel from corrosion.

The bottom of the Paramount ME/MX Permanent Pier has four slotted holes that provide approximately 10 degrees of rotation (minimum 5 degrees) for polar azimuth adjustment. The pier can be attached to the ground via the base plate with four 12.7 mm (0.50-inch) J-bolts placed in the concrete (J-bolts are available from any hardware store). It is recommended that the base plate remain in contact with the cement surface to optimize damping. The top plate for the pier is constructed of 12.7 mm (0.50-inch) thick steel plate and is drilled to accept either the Paramount ME or the Paramount MX. See the picture above that has numbers in red and yellow. The Paramount ME mounting holes are labeled 1-4 in yellow text, and the Paramount MX mounting holes are labeled 5-8 in red text. The Paramount ME's 23.9 cm (9.40-inch) hole pattern is symmetric about the center of the pier, so the pier can be mounted at any multiple of 90-degrees for Paramount ME only installations. The Software Bisque Permanent Pier Top Plate is slightly larger than the Base Plate to accommodate the Paramount ME base.


  • Pier Height: 12" (31 cm) Pier Weight: 42 lb. (19 kg)
  • Pier Height: 18" (46 cm) Pier Weight: 48 lb. (22 kg)
  • Pier Height: 24" (61 cm) Pier Weight: 54 lb. (25 kg)
  • Pier Height: 30" (76 cm) Pier Weight: 58 lb. (26 kg)
  • Pier Height: 36" (91 cm) Pier Weight: 64 lb. (29 kg)
  • Pier Height: 48" (122 cm) Pier Weight: 76 lb. (35 kg)

Ordering Your Pier: If you are choosing a standard pier height, do so from the drop down list above. If you want a custom height pier, contact us. Custom piers are made especially for you, and are therefore not returnable or refundable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email, Facebook chat, or phone.