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Paramount ME/MX/MyT Counterweight Shaft Extension 1.5"

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If you find yourself short on counter balance for your Software Bisque Paramount ME, MX, or MyT, this counterweight shaft extension is exactly what you need! Add an additional 7 inches of counterweight shaft length giving you more range on counterweight placement and/or the ability to add more weight. Finely machined from high grade steel for strength, the extension will thread onto the end of your existing 1.5-inch diameter counterweight shaft for a secure, rigid connection.

The Software Bisque Counterweight Shaft Extension threads into the end of the standard counterweight shaft for additional counterweight capacity. Dimensions: 178 mm (7-inches) long and 38 mm (1.5-inches) in diameter. Male Thread: 1.125-inch x 12 threads per inch (TPI), 60 form, UNF, 1/2-inch x 24 threads per inch (TPI).