Used iOptron 1.35kg Counterweight for SkyGuider Pro

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This is a used iOptron 1.35kg Counterweight for the SkyGuider Pro.  Or is it an Open Box item?  All we know is that it's in pristine condition.  The previous owner probably never even took it out of the box.  It is like-new, and you get to take advantage of the savings off of a new model. 

This 1.35 kg (3 lb) counterweight is designed for SkyTracker Pro and SkyGuider pro counterweight package (#3324), as well as other iOptron mounts, which include: 


  • SkyGuider Pro
  • SkyGuider
  • CubePro
  • Cube-A (Dual AltAz/EQ mounts)*
  • Cube-G*
  • Cube-E*
  • CEM25/ZEQ25
  • iEQ30 Pro/iEQ30
  • MiniTower/ II / Pro
  • AZ Mount Pro

* It works together with CW shaft (#8607) for Cube-A/G/E.

Weight: 1.35 kg (~3 lb.)
Outer diameter: 79 mm (~3 in.)
Inner diameter: 20.5 mm (~0.8 in.)
Height: 39 mm (~1.54 in.)