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This is a used Mach1GTO EQ mount in good condition.  It has some minor scuffing consistent with age, but, of course, it works.  It did take a fall at one point, where there are some minor scrapes on the casing, at the edge of the polar scope, and one bent screw. This does not interfere with operation of the mount. It includes a 12V AC adapter.  They don't make these anymore, so get it while it's here!  Please come in and take a look at this mount for yourself. 

This item does not ship; it is for in-store pickup only.  

Why a Mach1GTO?

There is much to admire in the Mach1GTO. It is beautifully machined, intelligently designed, precisely fabricated and assembled, and it has sophisticated electronics and servo drive controls. But the bottom line is performance and results.

In addition to Dennis di Cicco's excellent review of the Mach1GTO in Sky & Telescope magazine,  we were excited and honored to have the Mach1GTO chosen as one of Sky & Telescope's Hot Products for 2007! With the new GTOCP4, Auto-Adjusting Motor/Gearboxes, Precision-Adjust Rotating Pier Base / Hi-Res Azimuth Adjuster, rear-mounted azimuth adjusters and larger cable openings, the Mach1GTO is even better than ever!

Whether your Mach1GTO makes a permanent home in your observatory, explores your favorite observing sites or travels to the ends of the earth with you, it will allow you to optimize your observing sessions to the max. Ideal instruments include: Astro-Physics and similar fast refractors up to our 160 mm f7.5 StarFire EDF, 8-11" SCTs, 6-8" Maks or any scopes of a similar size.

As Roland Christen, founder of Astro-Physics, has stated many times: "The single most important item for the imager is the mount. Next comes the mount. Then comes the mount.... Get the picture?"


Portable Enough for Airline Travel

Transport this rigid observing platform to your dream destination. The entire mount will fit into a single rugged case that will roll easily through airports or to your car. If needed, the R.A. and Dec. axes split easily into two pieces to fit into a more compact case.

Operate with 12V battery or Regulated Power Supply

You can take it to the darkest skies and power it with a commonly available 12V battery. In the observatory, we suggest a minimum 5-amp filtered, regulated power supply.

Image Past the Meridian

The mount will track and guide well past the meridian in either direction if the object is located such that the telescope will clear the pier. This allows the user to set up the mount for a long series of exposures without stopping in the middle to flip sides. One can start the telescope under the mount while pointing at an object in the eastern part of the sky and track it all the way deep into the western sky. This is very useful for long exposure H-alpha or in cases where a large number of individual exposures are needed for stacking. Dennis di Cicco had this to say about the "powerful meridian delay feature" in his 2007 review:

". . . makes it easy to set up photographs that track across the meridian without interruption. It may sound like a small feature on paper, but I found it extremely useful in the field . . ."

Easy Polar Alignment for Non-critical Observing

You can align the Mach1GTO using setup routines in the optional keypad to quickly zero in on the pole for most non-critical observing or to get close before tweaking in for imaging. Our optional Right-Angle Polar Alignment Scope will allow you to quickly zero in on the pole or the polar alignment routine in PEMPro (optional) will guide you through the process. You can even align the mount during the day with our clever Daytime Polar Alignment Routine (outlined in the Keypad Manual) for solar observing, viewing the planets at twilight, or just getting a jump start on a long night.

Multiple Options for Controlling your Mount in the Field or Your Observatory

You have your choice of the GTO Keypad (optional), which is a full-featured handheld computer, PC computers using a wide variety of software with or without our ASCOM driver, Mac computers or even your mobile smart device (like your iPhone or iPad.

Use Accessories you May Already Own

If you already own our previous 400 or 600E German Equatorials or other Astro-Physics mounts, you will be pleased to learn that many of the same accessories can be used with the Mach1GTO. These include counterweights, mounting plates, polar alignment scope, piers and tripods.

Mechanical Features

Precise Mechanical Fabrication

Using modern CNC machining techniques, we make all components to a high precision level, which results in a final package that is solid and accurate in all respects. The critical angles are accurately machined so that the mount is orthogonal to a very high degree. This results in pointing accuracies well below 1 arc minute for a properly aligned mount.

Although the Mach1GTO is very light for its size and load rating, it has been machined out of solid aluminum to withstand the high axial and thrust loads that a medium-sized telescope places on the mount under real-world observing conditions. The mount is solidly built and will withstand gusting winds without excessive shake or vibration. We used high-quality machine tool bearings, rated in excess of 400 lb. static and dynamic load, on the main axis shafts. Both worm wheels turn smoothly with no runout throughout their 360 degree range.

Auto-Adjusting Motor/Gearboxes

Our motor/gearboxes were designed to be responsive for precision astro-photography, while at the same time making it super easy to use and adjust.

  • Spring-loaded worms maintain full contact under all guiding and slewing conditions
  • Automatic setting for worm mesh requires no adjustments over long time periods
  • Precision balance mechanism allows full backing off the worm from the worm wheel
  • Very low backlash geartrain eliminates Dec reversal delays and provides high position accuracy during guiding

The Precision-Adjust Rotating Pier Base / Hi-Res Azimuth Adjuster offers the same smooth and precise rotation as experienced when using the precision-adjust rotating pier adapters with our larger mounts. Regardless of the mount's load, hi-res adjustments can be made in azimuth with no lockdown needed, which could shift your position.

The azimuth adjuster knobs are at the rear of the R.A. axis, which provides easier access and nearly doubles the precision of their adjustments. An etched line on the adjuster housing corresponds with the ridges of the knobs to provide a measured adjustment of 0.7021 degrees (42 arcminutes) per rotation or 0.05 degrees (3 arcminutes) per ridge.

These features were introduced in June 2011. If you own a mount shipped in prior years, the base can be easily removed and upgraded with these features.



Clutches allow manual operation if power is not available and rebalances of your telescope without disturbing the motor box..

Easy to Adjust and Maintain

The design of the Mach1GTO is straightforward with modular construction and no complicated internal wiring. We provide information in the Technical Support section of our website pertaining to typical adjustment issues. All electronics including the GTOCP4 control box, motors, gearbox or cables can be removed for servicing. The R.A. and Dec. axes can be shipped separately, if needed.

Route your cables through the mount for tangle-free operation and peace of mind

Both axes have 2 inch clearance holes down the center with no shafts protruding into the holes. Wires from CCD cameras and accessories can be inserted from the bottom of the RA axis to emerge from the top of the Dec axis. Channels have been machined to allow the cables to be routed under the mounting plates. There is no restriction of rotation with the wires inserted - one can rotate both axes more than 360 degrees without catching the wires on any parts. The mounts shipped starting in June 2011, have a larger cable channel at the top of the Dec. axis than the earlier mounts..

Fast and Precise Polar Alignment

Our clever CNC machined Right Angle Polar Alignment Scope (RAPAS) allows you to polar align the Mach1GTO in record time and with a precision that permits you to quickly begin imaging. Its revolutionary right-angle design will immediately win you over. No longer will you be kneeling on the ground, straining your neck to polar align. Instead you will comfortably look down into the scope.

In the northern hemisphere, Polaris, a 2nd magnitude star, is the only one that you need to position on the circular grid pattern of the reticle, so it is possible to align in light polluted skies. No other stars are needed. Southern hemisphere observers will use the grid for Sig Octans.

There are several ways to determine where Polaris should be positioned on the circular reticle grid. The Astro-Physics ASCOM V2 driver includes the Astro-Physics Polar Alignment Scope Utility that duplicates the grid and provides a continuously updated positioning of Polaris. Custom apps are available for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Android or Windows devices. Those of you who wish to do it the old-fashioned way can calculate Polaris' position in local sidereal time.

Note: All Mach1GTO mounts shipped beginning in 2014 (serial number M10670 and later) will have the adapter for the Right-Angle Polar Alignment Scope built in. Mounts shipped in prior years must purchase the Right-Angle Polar Alignment Scope Adapter for Mach1GTO (RAPM1) separately.

If you already own the earlier PASILL4L, PASILL4 or PASILL3 versions of the Losmandy Polar Alignment Scope and wish to use it on a Mach1GTO mount that already has the adapter for the Right-Angle Polar Alignment scope (1.79" thread diameter on the backplate), you will need to purchase the Losmandy Polar Alignment Scope Adapter for 1100GTO, 1600GTO and some Mach1GTO Mounts (Q16030).