Used Astromania 70mm Compact Deluxe Finder

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This is a used 70mm aperture/400mm focal length Astromania guidescope/finder in excellent condition.  The optics are clean and the body is unmarked.  Includes dust caps, but no box.  This is a significant savings off of the new price.  
  • Mini-guide tube to quickly find objects and guiding stars, designed both for visual, as well as for photographic use. 400mm focal length. With bright, wide-field optics puts numerous potential guide stars in view so you'll never have to search for one!
  • Has a built-in worm-focuser with Brass Compression Ring and 2 thumbscrews, 88mm focusing range (10mm focusing range with micro-focusing Helical focuser, the rest is by a fixable, scaled drawtube) is made possible by an extremely precise focus adjustment.
  • Take any 1.25 inch eyepieces in your collection, worm-focuser: fast focusing. Prevents rotation of the camera and eyepiece. Or use it as a comfortable, large viewfinder to waste less time finding objects in visual observation. It comes with matching pipe clamps and a Synta-style mounting plate to make assembly and installation as easy as possible.
  • The sturdy metal housing made ​​of black anodized aluminum. Looking out not only solid, but is also very robust. A milled and knurled ring allows easy and precise fine focus adjustments. There is an extension tube locking thumbscrew to hold the extension tube in place, and the other two holes are equipped with built-in hexagonal screws, which you can also tighten the two hexagonal screws with an hex wrench to lock the extension tube if necessary.
  • Dovetail guide scope bracket installs on virtually any astrophotography telescope quickly and easily.