Used Baader Hyperion 8-24 Mark IV Universal Zoom with Clickstop


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You've heard about it, you've read about it, and now here it is:  the Baader Zoom.  This one is in practically new condition, with clean optics and no cosmetic blemishes whatsoever.   This comes in its original box with all of its original components, discussed below.  Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!



Baader 8-24 Universal Zoom Mark IV Eyepiece - 1.25"/2"

The Baader Hyperion Universal 8-24 Zoom Mark IV Eyepiece is the latest and greatest generation of the classic 68º Baader Zoom! This wide field 1.25"/2" eyepiece is the most flexible we've seen. First of all, you can choose from five magnifications (8, 12, 16, 20 and 24mm) with Baader's improved click stop action or stop anywhere in between. In other words, while this is a continuous zoom eyepiece, you will feel a click when you reach each of the five magnifications. This is perfect for binoviewing, but even single eyepiece users will appreciate knowing how much power they are viewing with by counting the clicks forward or back. The clicks are quieter on the new Mark IV as well, allowing you to change magnifications without disturbing animals you may be viewing or photographing.

The Baader Mark IV Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece comes with several accessories so that you can use it in a multitude of configurations and enjoy comfort at the eyepiece.

  • Of course, you can use the Mark IV in either a 1.25" or 2" diagonal. It comes with a 1.25" and 2" nosepiece that threads solidly onto the eyepiece itself, and when used in conjunction with the Telescope Adapter B (included), the bottom of the eyepiece will stay safely away from the clamping screws of the diagonal. These barrels are compatible with 1.25" binoviewers that have a detachable eye rest.
  • With the included 2" SC threaded adapter, you can achieve direct connection with compatible telescopes, or with diagonals that accept the optional Baader 2"/2" changer ring.
  • The Spotting Scope Adapter A threads onto the eyepiece (with 1.25" barrel removed) and connects to all Celestron Ultima spotting scopes and those of similar designs. This special adapter gets the Mark IV 4mm further into the eyepiece clamp, allowing for infinity focus. If you have a Zeiss Diascope, there is a bayonet adapter available optionally that will connect the Mark IV Zoom to that spotting scope, and Baader says they plan to make more adapters in the near future.
  • Finally, just like most of their eyepieces, the Baader Mark IV Hyperion Zoom has an M43 photo/video thread on top, allowing you to attach it directly to most video cameras. You can connect the eyepiece to a DSLR or T-2 accessory with the addition of an M43/T-2 Adapter Ring, which is sold separately.
  • For comfort under varied viewing conditions, Baader has included three different eyecups. Choose from an adjustable height eye cup, a non-folding rubber eye cup, or a foldable wing-shaped eye cup, which is really nice for those who wear eyeglasses.

What's New About the Baader Mark IV Zoom Eyepiece?

  • A slimmer 55mm diameter, as well as lower weight (10.2 ounces), make the Mark IV even better for binoviewing than the Mark III
  • No more barrel undercuts! The Mark IV Zoom's eyepiece barrels have Zero-Tilt safety kerfs, a proprietary security measure that reduces the tendency of an eyepiece from slipping out of an unlocked eyepiece clamp.
  • Zooming functions in cold weather have been improved, and the click-stop mechanism has been smoothed out for easier, and quieter, functionality.
  • The Baader Mark IV Hyperion Zoom offers almost 4mm of extra back focus. This is especially important when it comes to spotting scope use since many spotters have a hard time coming to focus when adding some eyepieces. The addition of the A Adapter increases back focus to help the spotter reach infinity focus.

You will love the Baader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece! With long eye relief, a flat field design that provides sharp images across the entire field of view, Phantom Coating Group Multicoatings for amazing contrast and clarity, and a brand new heavy-duty carry case that will keep your beloved Mark IV safe when not in use, why wouldn't you love it?

Product specification
Model Number HYP-ZOOM
Standard or Speciality Eyepiece? Standard Eyepiece
Barrel Size 1.25"/2"
Eyepiece Focal Length (mm) Zoom - Range of Focal Lengths
Eyepiece Series Baader Hyperion
Eye Relief 12 mm to 15 mm
Baader Model Number 2454826
Apparent Field of View 50º - 68º
Adjustable Eye Relief? Yes
Waterproof? No
Threaded for Filters? Yes, 1.25" & 2"
Number of Eyepiece Lens Elements 7 in 4 Groups
Field Stop (ex 8 mm, list all in kit with comma space between each) 9.5mm to 20.1mm
Dimensions Diameter: 4" (101.5 mm)
Weight (ounces) 10.2 oz