Used Kendrick FireFly Dew Heater Strap for 11" SCT

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This is a used Kendrick FireFly dew heater strap for any 11" SCT.  It is in excellent condition, and was tested in the store.  We can ship this item.  



Kendrick Premier Brand heaters are, by far, the best dew heaters made in the world and are famous for their durability and outstanding performance. We use the highest quality components available and they are covered by our outstanding 2 year warranty. Exceptional performance means they can produce considerably more heat when needed. More than any other brand heater on the market. You don't always need the extra heat, but there are going to be times when you are glad to have it. Losing an observing session or hours of imaging due to ineffective or faulty dew heaters is something no amateur astronomer wants to encounter.

The Premier Heater line is our flagship brand. All major components used in our heaters are proudly made in America or Canada. Our finished heaters and dew controllers are all assembled here in Canada by us in our shop, as are all Kendrick products. We test 100% of our heaters for functionality before shipping. This ensures the highest quality control for everything we make, and this is something we take quite seriously.

Our heating elements are custom built to our electrical specifications and they are made of the highest quality materials. These are not off-the-shelf heaters! We use the best quality Velcro, elastic, and connectors available. The heater cables are cold flexible down to temperatures of -40C and the cable is custom made for Kendrick. It is not available anywhere else. All our competitors use cable that gets stiff and brittle in cold environments, which can cause significant cold weather setup issues, cable management and with mount tracking. As well, our cables are engineered to be the proper guage for the wattage they require and are not simply repurposed RCA audio cables, which is what our competitors heaters use. The competitors’ repurposed RCA audio cables were not designed to handle the electrical current requirements o dew heaters, causing them to burn out or break over time.

Our Premier Heaters are designed to be used with cameras and camera lenses, telescopes optics of all kinds, binoculars, and temperature sensitive electronics. They are designed to keep electronic devices functioning and optics moisture free in a full range of temperatures and operating environments, from high humidity to sub-zero temperatures.