Used Orion 7.17" Full Aperture Glass Solar Filter

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This is a used solar filter in excellent condition.  The glass is clean and free of defects.  It has all of its original packing, felt shims, microfiber cleaning cloth, and instructions.  Comes in its original box.  This is a great savings off of the new price.  
  • A must-have for safely observing the sun and sunspots without damaging your eyes
  • 7.17" Inside diameter optical glass filter fits snugly over your telescope's front aperture to block 99.999% of incoming sunlight for safe observation and astrophotography
  • Glass filter elements are machine-polished and triple-coated with nickel-chromium stainless steel and fits telescope tube diameters up to 0.25" smaller than specified size of 7.17"
  • Each Orion telescope solar filter includes three equidistant thumbscrews, 4x 1/16" thick adhesive foam tabs, and 4x 1/8" thick adhesive foam tabs for customized friction fit to your telescope
  • Filter inside diameter is 7.17" and it can fit telescopes up to 0.25" smaller - Fits Orion SkyQuest XT6 Classic and IntelliScope Dobsonians, XT6 Classic Build-A-Scope, AstroView 6 EQ, and StarBlast 6/6i reflector optical tubes
  • Note: All Orion solar filters are designed for use with an adequate friction fit attachment. Thumbscrews should ONLY be used to keep filter securely in place once a friction fit has been achieved

Who said you have to be in the dark to enjoy astronomy? Turning your telescope to the Sun is fun and educational. Watch the march of giant sunspots, the clouds of glowing vapor in the photosphere, and solar "granulation" detail. But be sure to protect your precious vision with a safe Orion solar filter! Looking at the Sun without one, even for an instant, can permanently damage your eyes.

Superior to Film
These full-aperture optical glass telescope filters deliver superb views of the Sun, without risk to your eyes. While more expensive than film filters, Orion glass solar filters provide better contrast, a more natural yellow-orange color instead of blue, and their glass and aluminum construction is much more durable. They're ideal for photographing the Sun too!

The glass elements are machine-polished and triple-coated with an advanced nickel-chromium stainless steel alloy for a scratch-resistant surface. The filter passes only a fraction of the incoming light, rejecting harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

Each Orion filter is mounted in an aluminum cell that slide-fits over the front of your telescope. Size shown in the chart below is the ideal diameter of front of telescope; filter will fit diameters up to 1/4" smaller with foam tape liner supplied.