Used SkyWatcher Evolux 82ED APO refractor

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This is an Evolux 82ED in very good condition.  The optics are in excellent condition; but the body does have some marks in the white paint as shown in the photos.  This has been reflected in a reduction in the price.  There are also a few minor marks on the dovetail, otherwise it is in excellent condition, with its original case.
This scope is designed as an apochromat for use in astrophotography.  However, if you're looking for a travelscope or just a small refractor for fun, this includes everything you need to start observing visually with it:  
  • A 2" to 1.25" adapter
  • An RDF
  • 2 eyepieces: a 25mm Kellner and a 10mm Kellner
  This can be shipped.  
  • New ED doublet apochromatic optical design
  • New lightweight, compact design perfect for wide field astrophotography
  • New optical design featuring our proprietary Metallic High-Transmission Coatings™ (MHTC™)
  • 82mm aperture
  • 530mm focal length
  • Fast f/6.45 focal ratio
  • One ED element with matched optics
  • Adjustable dew shield protects against stray light and condensation on the lens
  • Clamshell mounting system with dual finderscope brackets
  • 2.4-inch 11:1 precision dual-speed rack-and-pinion style focuser for better load capacity
  • V-style dovetail fits most mounts
  • Optional reducer/corrector (477mm at F/5.8)
  • Hard case included for your travel or storage needs
Building on the foundation of the popular Evostar line of refractors, Sky-Watcher has developed the all new Evolux. Designed for the savvy astrophotographer looking for a lightweight scope that still packs a punch with key upgrades in the optics and the mechanics, Evolux is a perfect fit for a widefield grab and go setup. Sky-Watcher’s Evolux apochromatic doublet refractors are the perfect blend of superior extra-low dispersion glass and affordability. The lens assembly utilizes a proprietary combination of matched lenses, delivering tack-sharp stars with charcoal-black, contrast-rich skies. All ED glass elements feature our proprietary Metallic High-Transmission Coatings™ (MHTC™), virtually eliminating all false color while the adjustable dew shield prevents stray light and condensation from affecting your photography. Evolux comes in a foam-lined aluminum case with a 2.4-inch dual-speed rack-and-pinion-style focuser, dual finderscope brackets, a V-style dovetail, clamshell ring, adjustable dew shield, and the optional reducer/corrector.
Optical Info
Optical Design Apochromatic
Lens Coatings Fully multi-coated
Lens Design ED Doublet (Air Spaced)
Glass Type ED Doublet
Optical Quality Diffraction limited (1/4 wave)
Collimatable Cell Yes (Push/Pull Cell)
Primary Aperture (mm) 82
F/Ratio 6.45
Focal Length (mm) 530
Observational Info
Dawes Limit 1.41
Rayleigh Limit 1.7
Limiting Mag. 12
Minimum Magnification 12x
Maximum Magnification 161x
Light Gathering (compared to next size down) +75% (compared to Evolux 62ED)
Mechanical Specifications
Focuser 2.4" Dual Speed (11:1) Rack & Pinion
Focuser: Rotatable? No
Compression Ring Yes
Retractable dew shield Yes
OTA material Aluminum
OTA Length (Retract/Ext.) 16.375"/22.25"
Dew Shield diameter (mm) 100mm
OTA Diameter 90mm
OTA Weight (with accessories) 6.5 lbs
Mounting rings Yes
Dovetail type V-style dovetail
Dovetail length 6"
Optional Corrector/Reducer Specifications
Corrector Name Evolux 82ED 0.9x reducer kit
Optional Corrector/Reducer SKU S20207
Reduction (reducer only) 0.9x
Corrector - insertable or thread-on Thread-on
Corrector thread size M56x1 female/M48 male
Corrector back focus 55mm
Corrector illuminated field 36mm
Includes one ED element Yes
F/Ratio with reducer installed 5.8
Focal Length with reducer installed 477mm
Corrector adapter needed? Yes
Corrector allow for 2" filters? No (Adapter included with reducer)
Eyepieces No
Diagonal No
Mounting Hardware Clamshell/Dovetail
Camera Adapter No
Flattener or Corrector No
Collimation eyepiece No
Finder No
Case Yes
Case Dimensions 19.5" x 10.75" x 7.75"
Shipping Weight 13.2 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 23" x 13" x 11"


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