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Used William Optics High Latitude Base & Extension Bar for iOptron Skyguider Pro


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This is a used WO High Latitude Base and Extension Bar for the SkyGuider Pro.  Or is it an Open Box item?  All we know is that it's in pristine condition.  The previous owner probably never even took it out of the box.  It is like-new, and you get to take advantage of the savings off of a new model. 



One complaint some users have about the SkyGuider Pro is the latitude base adjustments aren't as precise as they would like. This attractive and rock-solid Vixen-style base from William Optics is an ideal upgrade. Precisely and 100% CNC manufactured, this base improves the mount stability and facilitates adjustment and control of the mount position and tracking. The look and feel of this base makes it an ideal match for the William Optics RedCat 51 optical tube, but it works with any small telescope with a Vixen mounting rail.

Note: The base is adjustable between high and low latitude settings by moving a stopper block with a hex wrench.

  • The High Latitude setting is suitable for locations from 32 degrees to 59 degrees latitude.
  • The Low Latitude setting is suitable for locations from 4 degrees to 34 degrees. (Useful in Hawaii, South Texas, Florida and international locations.)


  • 100% precision CNC made.
  • A big upgrade for stability and adjustment. 
  • High Latitude Version: Adjustment from 32~59 degree latitude.
  • Low Latitude Version: Adjustment from 4~34 degree latitude.
  • Weight: 990g

Also Includes a Counterweight Extension Bar

Made specifically for the iOptron SkyGuider Pro tracking mount, this counterweight extension bar from William Optics allows observers and imagers to counterbalance heavier telescopes and cameras without the use of additional counterweights. 

  • Length: 11.9cm 
  • Weight: 105g