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The Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21 is an event you don't want to miss! Even if you can't get to totality, the entire continental U.S. will experience at least a partial solar eclipse. It just so happens that August 21 is the first day of school for Denver Public Schools, and many other districts. Other districts will have already been in session for a week or two. While some parents will pull their kids out to witness the eclipse, most kids will be in class. This represents an amazing opportunity to take the classroom outside, and take science...

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If this is your first solar eclipse, and you plan to bring a telescope or camera, make sure you have a safe and secure solar filter! This article summarizes some important safety information on using solar filters, including types of filters you need to avoid. We don't sell solar filters (other than the Eclipse Glasses) so I'm also including a list and links to known quality solar filter providers. Solar Filter Safety If you would like to observe the eclipse with a telescope, binoculars, or a camera, don’t get sucked into money saving “tricks” to block the light – spend...

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You've probably heard the news stories, about hotels being booked up in Casper, WY, reservations being cancelled in Oregon, and price gouging of 5-10x normal rates. Despite all this, amazingly, you can in fact still find reasonable hotel rates near if not directly under the path of totality.  The path of totality is only 70 miles wide, and you want to get as close to the center of that as possible for the longest eclipse duration. The eclipse cuts across 12 states from coast to coast, but it actually passes directly over relatively few major cities. As a result, many smaller...

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