Do you buy and sell used gear?

Yes! If you have used astronomy equipment you would like to consign or sell, email details and photos to support@milehighastro.com for a quote!

Do you offer classes?

We did! And we will again—once we feel fully confident in the safety of group gatherings. At this time, we do not have a schedule for when classes will resume.

Do you do repairs?

Before the coronavirus, we would have said, "Mostly no," but we would have offered to take a look at your telescope and give you guidance.  

We can still help you troubleshoot over the phone—a lot of what seems to need repair is actually user-serviceable, especially "collimation" (that's when you make sure your reflector-telescope's mirrors are properly aligned, giving you a sharper image when you're done). Here's a link to a products page for items that you'll find helpful to collimating easily: https://milehighastro.com/collections/telescope-cleaning-collimation

Do you do telescope cleaning and collimation?

Most of the time, if it's "just a little dust" on the optics, they'll be fine as they are, and your view through the 'scope will still look great. (It's actually best to leave the mirrors untouched unless they're really a mess--they're easily damaged if not handled correctly.)  For more serious mirror-cleaning problems, pro cleaning is sometimes available from your telescope's manufacturer.  For small lenses, like on your finderscope, blow or carefully brush off the dust, and then wipe with a Lens Pen: https://milehighastro.com/collections/telescope-cleaning-collimation/products/celestron-lenspen-optics-cleaning-tool

As for collimation, the aligning of your telescope's mirrors, there are usually good instructions in your telescope's manual (Lost yours? See "Manuals," below.)  We can guide you if you're stuck on the details; YouTube also offers many great guides for this. And here's a link for products to help get a good collimation: https://milehighastro.com/collections/telescope-cleaning-collimation