Esprit 150ED Reducer/Flattener (.77x)

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  • 36mm fully illuminated field, compatible with both APS-C and full frame sensors
  • 90mm back-focus (55mm when back focus spacer and M48 ring installed)
  • Drops f/ratio from native f/7 (1050mm) to f/5.4 (810mm)
  • Reduces exposure time by 68% compared to native f/7
  • 2.54 x 1.7-degree field of view when used with a full frame camera
  • 1.66 x 1.11-degree field of view when used with APS-C crop sensor 
  • Includes reducer, metal thread-on caps, back focus spacer and M48 thread adapter
  • Built-in 2" filter cell for mounting filters into the light path
    SKU: S20215
    Barcode: 050234202152