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The King of Planets Reigns

Jupiter commands the night sky this month, rising just before the sun sets. Throughout the night, it shares the stage first with Venus (in the west after sunset), followed by Saturn as midnight approaches, and finally Mars enters the stage just after midnight, and sliding into the late evening hours as the month progresses. 

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The Moon and Planets Play Tag

May will be an exciting month full of Lunar-Planetary conjunctions for both evening and morning stargazers. The Moon will be chasing all four bright planets across the evening and mornings skies.

Morning Stargazers will continue to be treated to Saturn and Mars all month long. Look for Jupiter to rise earlier each evening, with opposition on May 9th - it's best and brightest of the year.

Venus will continue shining brightly all month long, moving gradually higher in the evening sky, with another beautiful Lunar conjunction on May 17th...

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