Orion 1.25in Collimation Cap

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  • Must-have, inexpensive collimation aid for Newtonian reflectors
  • Helps ensure your reflector is in perfect collimation for sharpest images
  • Has hole in center and reflective material on underside; fits 1.25" focusers or 2"-to-1.25" adapters
  • Keeps your eye centered during collimation and lets you see and correct any misalignment of the reflector's mirrors
  • Collimation instructions included

Keep your reflector telescope's optics precisely aligned with Orion's Quick-Collimation Cap. Aligning, or collimating, the optics is essential for achieving the best image quality, and is especially important for telescopes with a fast focal ratio of f/5 or less. Collimation of a Newtonian reflector telescope involves carefully adjusting the tilt of the primary and secondary mirrors. The Quick-Collimation Cap makes the procedure fast, easy, and accurate.

The Quick-Collimation Cap is designed to fit 1.25" focuser collars or 2" focusers equipped with a 1.25" adapter. Made of plastic, the cap has a small hole in the center and a disc of white reflective material on the underside. When you look into the installed Quick-Collimation Cap you see the reflection of the bright disc with the dark hole in the center, which makes it easy to precisely center the primary and secondary mirrors with the adjustment screws or knobs on the telescope. Your eye stays centered — which is critical — relative to the focuser, thanks to the cap's center hole.

With practice, collimating is fairly easy to do and can be done in daylight. Basic collimation instructions for reflector telescopes are included with the Quick-Collimation Cap.

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